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The Starting Point: Zines

Maybe it shows my age, but I put together a zine for the first time on the floor of a Kinkos. The layout was done with blue gridded paper and rubber cement. I measured things as carefully as I could with a ruler on the floor after a few PBRs. It was obvious I was never going to win any awards. But I didn’t care. I was having fun.

I’d been turning the idea of a book over and over in my head for a while. I kept getting hung up on a single issue: I’m not sure I can carry a book by myself. I stepped back, and thought about it.

So how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, the old story goes.

So what if I broke down the themes and did an individual zine for each? I felt more comfortable I could carry a zine on my own. I felt it was more realistic to start there than just jumping in to the deep end.

So here it is. My first. After fits and starts and dead ends and fuckups, I’ve cleared the first hurdle. Is this going to work? Maybe. I’ve produced a real thing at least. That much is sure.

So, coming soon to this very web site- a first of a series WANDER:TRAINS.

I’ve named the series WANDER, since it seems to be what I do. I travel in a fashion that doesn’t cover ground purposefully, but seems to saunter about. I’ve never met a schedule I couldn’t ignore. I don’t stride purposefully. I wander aimlessly. Here’s the first time I’ve shared the process.

Come wander with me.