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New Directions


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Not many folks will notice, since this site was something I just started and then abandoned, but I’m making some changes here.


I’ve never made a portfolio site I liked. I’m pretty satisfied with the galleries I can generate with this site, so I will put some of my work up here. I’m also going to use this to track the projects I have underway. I have two camera designs I am working on.  I just made a large step forward in scanning so image quality will be far better in the future when I try another zine.

My first zine was less than successful, but definitely a learning experience. The next will be different, better, higher quality, and I don’t think I could have learned that any other way.

Also, I need to finally get some prints spun up.

I need to shoot more 8mm film as well. There are at least two shorts I can storyboard and finish up.

Many projects. Not many finished ones.

I have my work cut out for me. Watch this space. It might learn to do tricks.