New Directions
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New Directions


Not many folks will notice, since this site was something I just started and then abandoned, but I’m making some changes here.


I’ve got a few projects afoot right now. Realistically, I have a few too many projects afoot right now, and this will be the home for all of these. There will be videos, random journal posts, updates about an upcoming book project that will include excerpts, and some information on a couple of cameras I am building. Oh, and I’ve started to dabble in film making using old Bolex Paillard cameras from the 1950s, so this is where those films will wind up as well. I’m starting with a Double 8 camera, but film is limited for it, so I envision I will probably just throw caution and common sense to the wind and move up to 16mm. I expect literal insanity to ensue.


So, watch this space. It might learn to do tricks.


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